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Students’ Teachers’ Innovation Incubation for Technologies and Commercialization Hub

Entrepreneurial center of UP Cebu that serves as the unifying office for the different shared service facilities located within the campus.

What we do

We encourage creativity and hope to instill an entrepreneurial mindset to people starting with our constituents. We also aim to create an ecosystem that encourages interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

Idea and/or Product Assessment

Industry Linkages

Intellectual Property Consultations/ Assessment​


(IP protection, Prototype/Product Development, Mass Production, Commercialization, SEC Registration)

We make our services possible through the different shared services’ facilities hosted by UP Cebu. These facilities include:


FABLAB (Fabrication Laboratory)

lets you create prototypes of your product through various computer-assisted machinery and equipment


TTBDO (Technology Transfer and Business Development Office)

UP Cebu in IT TBI (Technology Business Incubator) ITSO (Innovation and Technology Support Office) assists in the product and business development of technology-based ideas helps with the registration and protection of new IP ideas

creative digital media


a music studio where people can record and create musical ideas and compositions. They also provide copyright assistance for artists who would like to protect their original compositions.

negosyo center


provides business development services by offering business registration assistance, conducting workshops, trainings, and financial and marketing assessments for aspiring entrepreneurs

co-working space


located in the Negosyo Center, this facility offers a shared working space, a training room, and a meeting room

Aspiring start-ups and/ or entrepreneurs

Those who want to have their Intellectual Property protected

Those who are willing to pursue their innovation for commercialization

Those who need funding to pursue their innovation

Who we are

We cater to everyone (UP constituents and external clients) with innovative ideas, products, and/or services for commercialization. 

We specifically offer our services to:

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